ICO is a small collection of everyday objects that combines sculptural forms with functionality.  Each piece has been carefully designed as an object of use.  Crafted by hand and machine, they are made to last using materials that will age beautifully, marking the passage of time.  Old world craftsmanship combined with modern design.

The materials used for the Collection go back to the archetypal kitchen.  They are solid, natural materials pleasing to use and touch.  Copper and brass refer to the traditional pots, pans, sinks and taps and have been selected because they are warm and tactile materials that age beautifully over time.  Each piece from marble and terrazzo - often used for worktops and sinks – is sculpted from a single block.  Wood is the traditional material for chopping boards and butcher’s blocks. 



Marc Merckx, Founder, Designer
Annemarie van Riet, Co-founder